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A significant part of the Center's recently instituted program of "going green" has been the addition of solar panels to this building's south-facing roof. Partially funded by the
Seherr-Thoss Charitable Trust, The system was installed by
SUNLIGHT SOLAR ENERGY, INC. and activated on March 9, 2009.

Green Energy Update

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Current Solar Energy Production


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Turning the sun's energy into electricity requires the use of PHOTOVOLTAIC or "PV" cells. These are made of semi-conductors that turn sunlight directly into electricity in a clean and renewable way. They have no moving parts, burn no fuel, make no pollution, and work silently.

Our system consists of several components. On the roof area are mounted 48 PANELS each containing 72 photovoltaic cells. Each panel can deliver an output of 230 watts. The entire system can produce 11,040 watts of electricity! This will suppy about 28% of the Museum's annual electricity needs with an annual power production of 12,800 kilowatt hours and estimated annual savings of $2600.

When the sun strikes the panels, DC (direct current) electricity is produced. This is sent to an INVERTER which changes the DC to AC (alternating current) electricity which can be used for lighting and appliances.

It then travels to the ELECTRIC PANEL in the Museum basement and on to the CIRCUITS in the building. Sometimes the system may make more electricity than the Museum needs. When this happens the electricity made here will be directed out to the UTILITY GRID.


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